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Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Our program provide high quality service in compliance with SUPR and othe regulating agencies. Our treatment team staff are highly trained professionals with the knowledge and clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse-related disorders by using the most effective tools to provide the ultimate counseling experience. If you think that you or a loved one are at risk of developing alcohol/substance use problem, then it’s in your best interest to seek help and give use a call. in approaching addiction we use the most current evidence based approaches such as; DBT, Motivational interviewing, SMART Recovery, Mindfulness based sobriety and the Seeking safety model for trauma exposed clients we are able to provide the most effective treatment experience for you or a love one.  


  • Consultation and coordination of services with the employer.

  • Comprehensive face-to-face assessment.
  • Clinical evaluation to determine the appropriate level of assistance

  • Referral for treatment and case management.

  • Follow-up assessment and monitoring of compliance with recommended services.

  • Employee drug and alcohol education and treatment (for individuals recommended to attend education and/or treatment as a result of a SAP evaluation conducted by another SAP provider)..

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